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our stainless steel and carbon steel flanges are of industrial quality designed to ensure optimal effectiveness in practice at a low-cost price. Unlike other carbon steel pipe suppliers in UAE, we solely offer high-quality flanges.

Butt Weld Fittings

these pipe fittings are the best type for leakage prevention in average to high-pressure pipeline systems, making them ideal for carrying both corrosive and hazardous liquids.

Forged High-Pressure Pipe Fittings

These CS forged fittings are available for a variety of thread endings and pipe capacities. These pipe fittings are ideal for hydraulic machinery, oil, chemicals, and gasoline, among others.

GI & SS Low-Pressure Fittings

These low-pressure fittings come in sizes, ranging from 1/8 inches to six inches, and different shapes, including; tee, cross, cap, and plug, among others. Fittings can also be ordered with custom specifications to suit your unique requirements.

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