Interesting Facts

Interesting fact about chemicals - The only elements that are liquid at room temperature are bromine and mercury. However, you can melt gallium by holding a lump in the warmth of your hand.

Hydrofluoric acid is so corrosive that it will dissolve glass. Although it is corrosive, hydrofluoric acid is considered to be a 'weak acid'.

Interested chemistry fact - If you pour a handful of salt into a full glass of water, the water level will actually go down rather than overflowing the glass.

Petroleum (a.k.a. oil) actually isn’t measured in gallons or liters, rather in barrels (bbl). One bbl equals around 42 gallons or 159 liters.

Did you know that coffee is the second biggest traded commodity on earth, second only to oil

Ever wondered how far a barrel of oil will go? We found this cool Infographic that tells you how far you can go on one barrel of oil depending on your mode of transport.

Albert Einstein is the man!