AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Fill-Rite products. Fill-Rite builds the industry’s best AC and DC fuel transfer pumps and chemical transfer pumps. Built into every fuel transfer pump, chemical transfer pump and meter is over 50 years of experience—and the pride and workmanship associated with the moniker “Made in USA”.

Fill-Rite Flow Meters

Fill-Rite's line of mechanical, digital & TN Series flow meters are designed to meet the stringent demands of customers who need to monitor fuel usage accurately and with dependability. Rugged construction, easy to read numbers and the flexibility of horizontal or vertical positioning are just three features of these superior meters. Plus, all can be field calibrated for the utmost accuracy, regardless of fluid.

Fill-Rite Pumps

Fill Rite AC & DC Series heavy duty pumps offer all-cast-iron construction, thermal protection, and wide range of fuel-delivery rates and features that provide accuracy, durability, and reliability. Whether your fueling bulldozers, graders, trucks or combines, the performance , feature and capabilities of the AC Services pumps provide quick fill rates with a dependability you've come to expect.

Sotera Diaphragm Pumps

The power distribution is a unique reciprocating, spring driven, double diaphragm configuration retaining constant pressure, regardless of the load. Motor amperage is actually reduced as back pressure increases. No Internal Bypass required - the pump automatically goes neutral when the end of hose valve is shut off. These pumps can be configured in materials that are resistant to industrial chemicals and proven to provide complete compatibility coverage for a wide range of fluids.

Fill-Rite Cabinet & Pump Dispensers

Fill Rite's full line Meter and Pump Cabinets are for use with above ground storage tanks, provide accuracy, reliability in a neat, compact variety of packages to suit your fueling needs. While these pumps are designed for above ground tank systems, they can also be used with underground tanks. These systems are self priming for gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel, internal bypass valves, built in strainer, carbon/ceramic seals. With a powder coat finish these Cabinet Pumps are designed for superior corrosion protection.