AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Corken products. Corken has been providing industrial pumping and compression solutions to the chemical/petrochemical, oil, natural gas, liquefied gases, truck, transport, aviation, liquid terminals, and marine markets for many years.

Corken Pumps

Corken's line of industrial pumps is comprised of three different technologies: regenerative turbine, positive displacement sliding vane, and a multi-stage side channel. Many are available with mechanically sealed and sealless (magnetic drive) options. We offer a pumping solution for a wide range of liquids, differential pressures, and viscosities up to 20,000 SSU. Liquids include but are not limited to ammonia, aviation fuel, fuel oil, lube oil, solvents and CO2. If one of the standard mounting options does not meet your needs, custom engineered industrial pump skids are available.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our team of experts has worked with some of the largest pipeline, tank truck, aviation and marine companies in the Middle East developing and implementing measurement solutions ranging from simplistic single-run installations to multi-run solutions with complex configurations, while utilizing the most proven technologies in the industry.

AYTC engineers skids using orifice fittings, ultrasonic meters, turbine meters, positive displacement meters, or any equipment required to ensure the accurate measurement of our customers' product. When one of our standard mountings does not fit into your application, we will customize a compressor package or pump / metering skid for you. Below are a few examples of our custom engineered compressor packaging and pump / metering skids.


AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Corken products. We offer several models of vertical and horizontal reciprocating compressors to meet the stringent demands of today’s LPG industry. Depending on your leakage requirements, each model can be configured in either a plain style, D-Style or T-Style. If one of our standard mounting options does not meet your needs, we can custom engineer an industrial compressor package for you.