Liquid Controls

AYTC is an authorized full service distributor of Liquid Controls products. Liquid Controls has been dedicated to providing high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications.

Liquid Controls Flow Meters

Liquid Controls Flow Metering Systems provide exceptionally accurate service even under variable operating conditions (changes in temperature, pressure and viscosity).These meters provide the energy efficient and functional performance desired from an economical volumetric measuring instrument.

Solutions for Pumps / Metering Skids

AYTC metering pump skids are custom engineered packaged assemblies for accurate injection, mixing, metering, blending or treatment of any liquid or chemical. The heart of the metering system is the pump. AYTC offers several different configurations of pumps / meters to pump liquids at precise flow rates that can be adjusted manually or automatically.

Electronic Meter Registers

AYTC offers a comprehensive range of Sampi electronic meter registers. Sampi's electronic registers are state of the art, fully programmable and capable of driving any meter giving a pulse signal, either for direct or remote mounting, especially designed for both terminal and truck. These registers offer all the flow measurement and control functions expected in the most advanced loading systems.

Automation & Fuel Management Solutions

We are a leading provider of solutions and services for fuel suppliers and commercial fleets, providing automation, C-store, RFID vehicle identification, and fuel and fleet management systems. AYTC’s solutions are designed to help customers improve their margins by increasing sales, strengthening their customers’ loyalty while reducing their operational expenses and fuel losses. We offer below ground and above ground solutions to help you determine exactly how much fuel you have and where it is going. From complete fuel inventory and accountability to total reconciliation and protection against fuel theft, AYTC keeps you and your assets covered.