TODO-GAS® couplings

TODO-GAS® couplings are specifically designed for the safe transfer of LPG (typically Propane / Butane) in both liquid and vapor phases. The materials of construction and component design are specified to recognize the unique properties of LPG and terminal handling characteristics. Ultra low release on disconnection not only improves safety but also satisfies even the most stringent of environmental standards. Typical emission reduction is greater than 99% compared to existing thread based couplings. TODO-GAS® couplings remove the human error element from LPG transfer operations by ensuring that the valves are closed before disconnection is possible. Both TODO-MATIC® and TODO-GAS® couplings offer the lowest fugitive emission volumes available in the world.


TODO-GAS® 1” couplings are used in a variety of LPG applications from heavy duty Auto gas vehicle refueling to advanced vapor recovery systems. Easy to connect and disconnect, the TODO-GAS® 1” coupling offers single handed operation and ultra-low release on disconnection. These features make TODO-GAS® couplings ideal for unsupervised fuelling of vehicles, in fact, with a release of 0.15cc per disconnection, fuelling indoors is possible. The 1” TODO-GAS® coupling can easily handle flows up to 200 liters / minute (52 USG / min) with minimal pressure drop.


TODO-GAS® 2” couplings are designed primarily for loading and discharge of bobtails or intermediate bulk delivery trucks. Robust construction plus the same safety features as the rest of the TODO® coupling family equip TODO-GAS® 2” couplings for frequent use. With one or two handle options and an integral swivel, TODO-GAS® 2” couplings can cope with almost any loading equipment configuration. A release on disconnection volume of only 0.35cc means goodbye to operator cold burns.


For larger or high flow rate applications, TODO-GAS® 3” couplings have no equal. Typically used for rail tank loading and discharge (2” in USA), TODO-GAS® 3” couplings can easily handle flows up to 2,500 litres / minute (658 USG / min). Two handle operation plus a robust integral swivel make sure the couplings are able to take the strains of terminal life.


Dust plugs & caps should be used to prevent ingress of dirt or water.


The TODO® Safety Pressure Tight Cap was designed in cooperation with the major European chemical companies and other interested parties. The aim was to design a sealing cap system that would reduce pressure behind the cap if all other upstream closures had failed, thus protecting the operator from harm. The cap system also alerts the operator to the existence of pressure behind the cap thus giving warning of potential upstream valve failure. The TODO® Safety Pressure Tight Cap is certified as a full first or primary closure when used in combination with TODO-MATIC® or TODO-GAS® couplings. The cap can also be custom sealed to prevent unauthorized operation. There simply is no other coupling and cap system available with such a high level of passive safety features.