Registers, Printers & Presets

AYTC offers a wide range of top-quality mechanical and electronic meter registers, printers, presets, computer replacement parts as well as full rebuilds. Trust AYTC to provide you with the reliable fuel flow meter solutions at the right price.

Mechanical Meter Registers

AYTC offers a comprehensive range of Veeder-Root mechanical registers. Veeder-Root is the world's most experienced provider of mechanical meter registration solutions. These registers do more than just keep close tabs on your fuel inventory; they make it simpler and more efficient to monitor your fuel meters.

Electronic Meter Registers

AYTC offers a comprehensive range of Sampi electronic meter registers. Sampi's electronic registers are state of the art, fully programmable and capable of driving any meter giving a pulse signal, either for direct or remote mounting, especially designed for both terminal and truck. These registers offer all the flow measurement and control functions expected in the most advanced loading systems.


AYTC offers a wide range of Epson™ printers for its meter register systems. Epson™ printers are the industry standard for all mobile and stationary applications. These printers generate an imprinted record of the transaction which is legal for use in resale applications.