AYTC carries an extensive line of rotary vane, helical gear, positive displacement sliding vane regenerative turbine, multi-stage side channel and diaphragm pumps available in cast iron, stainless steel and other materials. These high capacity pumps feature a robust design and are durable, explosion proof and suitable for pumping products in the toughest of environments.

Corken Pumps

Corken's line of industrial pumps is comprised of three different technologies: regenerative turbine, positive displacement sliding vane, and a multi-stage side channel. Many are available with mechanically sealed and sealless (magnetic drive) options. We offer a pumping solution for a wide range of liquids, differential pressures, and viscosities up to 20,000 SSU. Liquids include but are not limited to ammonia, aviation fuel, fuel oil, lube oil, solvents and CO2. If one of the standard mounting options does not meet your needs, custom engineered industrial pump skids are available.

Fill-Rite Pumps

Fill Rite AC & DC Series heavy duty pumps offer all-cast-iron construction, thermal protection, and wide range of fuel-delivery rates and features that provide accuracy, durability, and reliability. Whether your fueling bulldozers, graders, trucks or combines, the performance , feature and capabilities of the AC Services pumps provide quick fill rates with a dependability you've come to expect.

Ebsray Pumps

Ebsray's universal industrial pumps handle the widest range of liquids for chemical, oil, food, ink, paint, paper, petrochemical, sugar, pharmaceutical and many other industries. Find the right pump for your application. Connect with us and get price quotes fast. 

Sotera Diaphragm Pumps

The power distribution is a unique reciprocating, spring driven, double diaphragm configuration retaining constant pressure, regardless of the load. Motor amperage is actually reduced as back pressure increases. No Internal Bypass required - the pump automatically goes neutral when the end of hose valve is shut off. These pumps can be configured in materials that are resistant to industrial chemicals and proven to provide complete compatibility coverage for a wide range of fluids.

Roper Pumps

Roper features a complete line of helical gear pumps for the industrial, transport and oil and gas marketplace. The broad capabilities of the Roper productline - from the workhorse 3600 and A series through a wide variety of bulk liquid handling, high pressure and severe duty pumps quarantee the application specific answer for the customer's fluid handling needs.

Ranger Pumps

Ranger, Inc. manufactures a precision built helical gear pump for industrial applications. The capacity range is available from 25 GPM to 360 GPM and pressures to 125 PSI. Ranger Pumps are designed to use as low speed pumps for both low and high viscosity liquids. Viscosities upward to 1,000,000 SSU (200,000 CP) can be pumped. Ranger pumps sizes are 2", 2-1/2", 3" & 4" in size. Flows are 20 GPM to 360 GPM with pressure capabilities to 125 PSI (862 KPA). We also have Basket-Type Line Strainers & Foot Mounted Gear Reducers available.

Robin Pumps

Subaru Robin Engine Diesel Water Pumps are self-priming pumps, protected by a tubular steel, easy carry frame. All models are fitted with silicon carbide and ceramic mechanical seals and are supplied with hose couplings,washers,clips and strainers,but hoses are extra. Maximum suction lift is 8 meters,when primed.

Saer Pumps

Saer's single-impeller electric pumps can be used for surface-flooding and spray irrigation systems, lifting water from lakes, rivers and tanks, and for various industrial applications requiring elevated capacities and medium-to-low heads.