FIll-Rite Nozzles

Fill-Rite offers a full line of automatic and manual nozzles well suited for the most extreme construction, and industry fleet non-retail refueling applications. With a broad range of petroleum compatibility including gasoline, diesel, B20 to B100, and up to E15; we offer the right nozzle as part of a full pump package or as a stand-alone purchase. Fill-Rite boasts some of the highest flow rates in the industry allowing for faster fueling meaning better efficiency with your time.

1" Ultra Hi-Flow Nozzle

Models: N100DAU13Y, N100DAU13G, N100DAU13
The N100DAU13 offers the highest flow rate in the industry- up to 30 GPM! Fill a 200 gallon tank in less than 7 minutes. That's real time saved...every time you fill the tank. Industry leading flow isn't the only reward you will reap. The patent pending UL listed Ultra Hi-Flow nozzle takes fuel transfer to a new level. For transfer of gasoline, diesel, or kerosene to large fuel capacity farm, fleet, or construction equipment, there is simply no better choice.

1" Auto Nozzle with Hook – Diesel

Model: N100DAU10
The N-Series nozzles are well suited for a broad range of high flow fueling applications from heavy earth-moving equipment, fleet re-fueling, to above ground storage tanks and portable truck mounted fueling operations. This rugged series of automatic nozzles will provide years of service with minimal down time and quick fueling.