Emco Wheaton Truck Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton's truck loading arms are designed to transfer or store hazardous gasses and liquids in bulk. Ali Yaqoob Trading Company is an authorized distributor for a variety of Emco Wheaton's marine, road and rail loading arms as well as a comprehensive range of accessories.

Bottom Loading Arms

Bottom loading offers benefits which cannot be achieved with top loading designs. Bottom loading takes place on the ground, making it inherently safer for the operator. It also allows for simultaneous loading of several tank compartments, increasing speed and efficiency of loading. Bottom loading is easily adaptable to vapor recovery systems.

Specialty Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton has developed a number of loading arms for specialized service applications. If your application does not quite fit with any of the models listed please contact us and we’ll help you find the right loading arm for your application.

Top Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton’s Top Loading arms offer technically advanced solutions to suit almost any application in the world. Emco’s various designs allow handling virtually any liquid known to man in a safe and reliable manner. These loading arms are available in carbon steel, carbon steel / aluminum, stainless steel, low temperature carbon steel, Hastelloy and Titanium. Lining with PTFE and vulcanized rubber can also be provided.

Top Loading System

Although Bottom Loading Vapor Recovery of fuel tankers following the API 1004 recommended practice is now widely accepted globally, there are occasions where the process of Top Loading road tankers is still applicable. We provide a range of equipment specifically suitable for top loading applications including manhole covers, emergency valves, pressure vents etc. We can also provide information and support on converting from top to bottom loading.