Emco Wheaton Marine Loading Arms

Emco Wheaton's Marine Loading Arms are designed to load and unload almost any liquid and compressed gas product from river barges, ships and ocean going super tankers. Pantograph balanced mechanical link technology provides the stability and strength for this most demanding task.


The Emco Wheaton B0300 Marine Loading Arm has been designed for any application where it is essential to keep the product pipe consistently the same size for either economical or technical reasons, e.g. cryogenic products down to -168 °C, piggable systems and PTFE-lining


The B0034 Marine loading arm is designed to serve large tanker ships up to 250.000 DWT and meets the most stringent specifications and requirements of the petrochemical industry. Its capability has been proven with many years of trouble free operation world-wide.


The Emco Wheaton B0028 Marine Loading Arm is designed especially to meet the needs of barge transfer and river boat installations with marginal tidal variation.


Easy, safe and economical, the B0030 Marine Loader has proven its success over many years of loading and unloading tanker ships with fluids such as crude oil, chemicals, and liquid gas.

Position Monitoring System (PMS)

Our Position Monitoring System (PMS) is used to display the position of the marine loading arm within its defined operating envelope. The display uses a standard industry PC and is a live feed of the actual position of the marine loading arm.

Service and Aftermarket

Our aftermarket service and repair facility can offer you a variety of services to ensure optimum performance of your bulk liquid transfer equipment. Technical Consultants are also available for on-site supervision of services and installation of your bulk liquid transfer equipment.