Emco Wheaton Tank Truck Systems

Emco Wheaton systems are tailored to fit into many operations, vehicles and bulk plant requirements. Our equipment complies with many industry standards and recommended practices, including ISO 9000/2000 approval, ensuring that manufacturing procedures are monitored consistently, resulting in quality approved equipment time after time.

Bottom Loading & Vapor Recovery Systems (BLVR)

The advantages of bottom loading are well proven, with most oil companies having standardized on the practice internationally. The benefits of a Vapor Recovery System are that it is safer, faster, cleaner and provides the ability for vapor return, vapor reduction, cost reduction, and closed filling. Vapor recovery is achieved by including a hood on the compartment vent valve and a Vapor Recovery Adaptor at the end of the vapor return pipe.
The facility can be utilized for both stage 1A vapor recovery (recovery of vapors whilst loading) and stage 1B (whilst off-loading). Particular attention has been given to low pressure drop in the design of this equipment. When installed correctly, zero vapor emission can be achieved.

Manifold Valve Systems

Our Manifold Assemblies are supplied in fully assembled form for easy installation, allowing any compartment to be pumped or metered for bulk or hose reel delivery in a clean, safe and simple manner. Each assembly comprises, for each compartment; our API adapters and pneumatic manifold valves, a lightweight manifold, fabricated from extruded aluminum, and a guard bar that is interlocked to the vehicle brake system.
Product return system for safe and clean return of product to an appropriate compartment can be included as an optional extra. This feature is used when a multi-compartment tanker, carrying different products, is changing the type of product being delivered through a hose reel and the hose and manifold need clearing to avoid contamination.

Sealed Cargo Systems (SCS)

As energy prices continue to increase and product loss problems continue to grow, active monitoring of bulk petroleum transport is becoming a necessary requirement. Utilizing proven Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, our wireless Sealed Cargo System (SCS) for fuel road tankers provides operators a unique and accurate way to monitor individual compartment valves and hatches, give instant alerts and real time tracking from loading terminal to delivery point to a host computer or mobile phone.

The system is upgradeable to include wet leg (liquid presence) sensing and geo-fencing i.e. a complete sealed delivery system (SDS) that can replace and add much more than our successful hard wired, onboard SDS which, has been the preferred solution for many years.

Sealed Delivery Systems (SDS)

Our hard wired, ATEX certified, electronic Sealed Delivery System (SDS) provides electronic load sealing integrity. It also makes available the means to reduce vapor loss and eliminate tank top dipping. SDS utilizes electronic sensing technology together with proven engineered components to create an integrated, on-board electronic sealing solution.

The SDS API Adapter working in union with the pneumatic Emergency Valve, Manifold Valves and optionally with Manhole Cover sensors provides an electronic seal for individual tanker compartments, recording any movement and wet/dry status between loading and discharge.

Air Control Systems

We specialize in providing standard and customized Air Control Systems for remote operation of tank truck equipment such as air operated Emergency Valves, Vapor Vents etc. Sequenced air systems provide a clean, safe, reliable and easy to use system for the delivery of petroleum products. They are specifically designed to cope with today's harsh environment in hazardous transportation.