Corken Pumps

Corken's line of industrial pumps is comprised of three different technologies: regenerative turbine, positive displacement sliding vane, and a multi-stage side channel. Many are available with mechanically sealed and sealless (magnetic drive) options. We offer a pumping solution for a wide range of liquids, differential pressures, and viscosities up to 20,000 SSU. Liquids include but are not limited to ammonia, aviation fuel, fuel oil, lube oil, solvents and CO2. If one of the standard mounting options does not meet your needs, custom engineered industrial pump skids are available.

Sliding Vane Pumps

Corken’s positive displacement sliding-vane pumps are known as a Coro-Vane® pump.  The self-adjusting sliding vanes deliver higher pumping efficiencies and extend the life of the pump. The rotor, cam, sideplates, seals and bearings are easily replaced by simply removing the pump cover. Most of Corken's sliding vane pumps are equipped with an adjustable internal relief valve. AYTC offers several models of positive displacement, sliding vane pumps for wide range of vapor pressures, differential pressures, and viscosities. The drive options include magnetic drive, hydraulic drive, gear reduced, and belt driven. Liquids suitable for our sliding vane pumps include but are not limited to aviation fuel, fuel oil, lube oil, solvents and liquefied gases such as LPG, ammonia, and CO2.

Turbine Pumps

Corken's regenerative turbine industrial pump is known as a Coro-Flo®. The Coro-Flo turbine pump is a continuous duty design and is a great choice for lower flows and moderate to high differential pressures. The liquid is circulated between the teeth of an impeller that rotates between the pump casing and head. Since the Coro-Flo is designed with a free-floating impeller, there is no metal-to-metal contact so the maintenance requirements are minimized. Corken offers several models of regenerative turbine pumps for wide range of differential pressures, and capacities.

Corken's Coro-Flo turbine pump was originally developed to fill propane cylinders. Over the years it has found its way into many other applications—especially where volatile liquid transfer is involved. It is commonly used as a vaporizer feed pump, aerosol propellant pump, and propane cylinder filling pump. Suitable for light liquids such as gasoline, solvents, and light oils and liquefied gases such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, propane, butane, and refrigerant gases.

Side Channel Pumps

The side channel pump is a unique pumping technology. Since the impeller makes regenerative passes through the liquid, it is similar to a regenerative turbine. However, the actual design of the impeller and casing and the principles of operation differ greatly. Unlike other pump designs, the side channel pump can accommodate the transfer of liquid and gas mixtures with up to 50% entrained gas. This feature greater reduces the possibility air or vapor locking that can occur in other pump designs. A special suction impeller lowers the NPSH requirement for the pump. Corken offers several models of side channel pumps for wide range of differential pressures and capacities. Side channel pumps are available with mechanical seal or sealless (magnetic drive) option.

Side channel pumps perform well in high differential pressure applications like carrousel filling stations, autogas filling stations that use below ground tanks, aerosol filling stations, and boiler feed. Suitable for propane, butane, ammonia, water, refrigerants, and many more.

Pump Accessories & Repair Kits

AYTC offers a comprehensive range of bypass valves, flow control valves and differential back-pressure valves that are designed specifically for Corken pumps.