400 Series Dispenser Filters

Designed for fuel dispensers & commercial fueling pumps. Cellulose and Hydrosorb® filters are for use with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel or ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD). Alcohol Monitors for ethanol blends up to E15 (MB). Microglass filters for biodiesel blends up to B100 (BMG). High-Alcohol Content filters for E85 (BHA)
Benefits & Design Features
Up to 25 gpm (94.6 lpm) maximum flow
50 psi (3.4 bar) maximum working pressure
Various Micron media(s) available
Microglass Filters have a higher dirt-holding capacity for longer life
Filters are UL® recognized for use in fuel dispensers
Pre-Lubed gaskets on all 400 series filters except high alcohol content (BHA) filters, which use Viton® gaskets.