Access Equipment

The majority of tanker access is required for loading or unloading, however in many cases operators need to have access to tanker tops to check security of man-lids or sample product. The most common form of tanker access and enclosure is the Folding Stair, these can be configured with a range of steps and step widths together with safety baskets. In case of a high variance of tankers and large working areas, a complex protecting grating system may be the better solution.

Bulk Folding Stairways - E0264

E0264 Bulk Folding Stairways are used to bridge the distance from loading racks to tank cars and rail tankers or for similar applications. All of our folding stairways fulfil the highest safety requirements. For the specific application of bulk loading, the E0264 folding stairways are equipped with additional lateral platforms that include side railings and knee guides for safe access to the dome area.

Standard Filling Platform - E0300

Our Standard Filling Platform E0300 can be employed in many different environments and provides the highest level of working safety.

Standard Folding Stairway - E0264

The E0264 Folding Stairways are used to bridge the distance from loading racks to tank cars or rail tankers, however they can also be used for other similar applications. Folding stairways have to fulfil high safety standards and the E0264 meets the highest safety requirements. Local regulations should apply and it is the buyer‘s responsibility to ensure that the structure is suitable for the E0264 Folding Stairway.

Wide Stairs - E0264 - 3000

Folding stairways are used to bridge the distance from loading racks to tank cars or rail tankers, although they can also be used in other similar applications. The E0264-3000 folding stairway is designed for safe and unrestricted access to the top of the road and rail tankers, creating a safe and obstacle free path for the entire length of the tank vehicle. The extra-large folding stairway E0264-3000 meets the highest safety requirements.

Protective Grating System

Our Protective System consists of gratings, back rests and folding stairway. The system is an important safety feature for accessing the top of tank trucks and is also designed to keep the operator safe while working on the top of tankers. By using the pneumatic or hydraulic control gratings, stairways and back rests move down automatically to the tanker's top. In this position the system efficiently prevents the operator from falling between the safety rail and tank top. The Protective System can be equipped with an optional automatic switch-off, stopping it before the grating and back rest reach the top of the tanker. The advantage of this is that the gantry and tanker never come into contact with each other.

Safety Cages

Safety Cages are used to safeguard the operator from falling off the vehicle during operation. We differentiate between baskets fixed onto the handrail of the folding stairways and separate movable safety baskets which are operated independently from the folding stairways. The standard variant is manufactured from high grade aluminum. Carbon steel or stainless steel variants are available upon request. The use of demountable safety baskets allows ease of transportation to the customer's site. Separate movable safety cages have their own balancing mechanism which uses a spring cylinder. For ease of operation it is recommended to have either a pneumatic, hydraulic or manual operation with a cable winch. Customized solutions are available upon request.