Multiple Point Liquid Level Detection System (ST-15 WX)

Model No #ST-15 WX

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The ST-15 WX System provides three to twelve sensing points. A relay contact output is provided for each sensing point. The weatherproof enclosure is suited for outdoor (or indoor) mounting of the controller in a safe area.
Scully's Electronic Storage Tank Faylsafe® Overfill Prevention and Liquid Level Control Systems provide Dynamic Self-Checking® monitoring of, and overfill alarms for, storage tanks. Scully Storage Tank Systems also provide for the capability of controlling pumps and valves for immediate and automatic shutdown of product flow.

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-          The Scully ST-15-WX series multiple point liquid level detection control units are available in two through twelve channel models. The ST-15-WX is commonly used to provide overfill protection, high level warning, low level warning and/or pump and valve control functions.
-          They are well suited for multiple fixed storage tank and transport tank applications where individual display and/or output control is required.
-          The output control function may be reversed to alarm for a dry sensor condition rather than a wet sensor condition for low level warning.
-          The St-15-WX enclosure includes individual red indicator lamps that light when a sensor is wetted, a power indicator lamp, an alarm acknowledge push but ton and alarm test push button. Once a sensor alarm is acknowledged the alarm output circuit is reset, however, the indicator lamp remains lit until the sensor is dry again.