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Scully’s IntelliCheck® System is the most advanced secondary overfill protection and retained product monitoring system in tank truck loading operations. Featuring Dynacheck®- automatic and continuous self-checking circuitry, the controller, wiring, connections and sensors are checked for faults up to30 times per second. Only IntelliCheck offers system diagnostics this extensive.

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 IntelliCheck is a state of the art point level detection system that provides:
- Overfill prevention and retained product monitoring in one compact enclosure.
- Scully Dynacheck‚ automatic and continuous self-checking circuitry
- The ability to use existing Scully five-wire optic or Scully two-wire optic overfill sensors
- Complete visual and diagnostic display of overfill sensors’ status. The system will not permit loading under any fault or wet overfill sensor condition.
- Monitoring of up to 8 compartments