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Don't let unsure grounding methods leave you guessing. Transport vehicles should be properly tied to ground before and during the loading operation. There should never be any doubt that the grounding systems at your terminals are performing their proper function. Many systems give you little assurance of their operation. The Scully Groundhog™ gives you complete assurance that a proper ground tie-in is present. The Groundhog™ is a self-proving grounding system for maximum safety in loading operations.

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The system consists of a rack mounted control housing with two installation methods. It can operate in conjunction with your existing Scully Overfill Prevention System or as an independent unit. Scully Signal Company has over 30 years of electronic liquid handling system experience along with the dependability, service and safety Scully is known for. The Scully Groundhog™ grounding system can be used for a wide variety of loading applications for use with tank trucks, rail cars, and aircraft refuelers.