Plain Style Reciprocating Compressor

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Corken's plain style reciprocating compressors utilize one set of V-ring packing per piston rod and do not have a distance piece. Plain style configurations are not oil-free designs. Typically used in non-toxic, non-corrosive applications where oil-free gas is not required and leakage containment is not critical. If oil-free gas compression is required, a D-Style or T-Style vertical compressor is recommended.
Piston displacements up to 117 cfm (198.8 m3/hr)
Working pressures up to 450 psi (31.0 bar g)
Brake horsepower up to 45 hp (34 kW)
Maximum outlet temperature: 350 °F (177 °C)

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-          A plain style configuration has one packing set per piston rod and is not oil free

-          Utilizes V-ring packing construction that consists of several V-rings, a male and female packing ring, washers, and a spring

-          Single stage design only

-          Four single-acting models (91, 291, 491 & 691) and one double-acting D891

-          Cylinder sizes are 3.0", 4.0", and 4.5"

-          Available with NPT or ANSI flange connections