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Terminal Automation System is a PC software for terminal automation.
Main features include:
real-time control of every loading/unloading position
loading/unloading order management
drivers and truck identification via pin or badge card
remote I/O automation (terminal access gate, loading bay alarms, traffic lights, etc.)
deliveries databases
customizable loading report printout
statistic reports and transactions data
client/host interface for multi-station support
multi-user support


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The software TAS communicates with the electronic registers TE550 located on the loading lanes through a serial line (RS232/RS422/RS485). This connection allows locking or enabling the load, presetting the amount to be supplied and displaying the loading arm data (partial volumes, total counters, capacity, temperature, alarms, etc.) in real time.
Enabling in the supply step may be either manual or automatic, if loading schedules have been created. Each schedule allows specifying the products to supply, the maximum amount for each of them, the validity period and an enable code. For the supply step to be activated automatically, the operator must enter the enable code on the electronic head display.

The software TAS can manage up to 6 lanes, each consisting of a maximum of 4 loading arms (for a total of 24 loading arms).
The summary panel has 3 levels of detail:
- Overall View: a single screen allows controlling the status of the 6 lanes (free lane, loading in progress, errors, etc.);
- Lane View: displays the status of the arms making up a specific lane, showing the main values of the relevant meter for each of them (partial amount, total counter, capacity);
- Loading Arm Details: shows all the data read by the electronic head relating to a specific loading arm (ambient and compensated volume, weight, density, temperature, capacity, default, etc.).