M-Series Positive Displacement Meters

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Liquid Controls M-Series rotary motion positive displacement (PD) meters offer the ultimate in measurement accuracy for custody transfer of petroleum products, aviation fuels, LPG, and a broad range of industrial liquids. LC meters incorporate a unique design, presenting minimal intrusion in a flowing stream of liquid, as well as minimal pressure drop through the meter. The LC meter consists of a housing in which three synchronized rotors turn with no metal-to-metal contact. Hydraulic sealing is accomplished by a stationary boundary layer of liquid, not by the wiping action of mechanical parts.

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Meter and rotors: 

Cast aluminum (other metalurgies available including cast iron and stainless steel)


Internal components: 

Aluminum, Ni-Resist, stainless steel, iron


Seal materials: 

Buna-N, Viton®, PTFE



Carbon, PTFE, Ni-Resist


Liquid Controls M-Series meters meet NTEP (NIST Handbook 44) and International Weights and Measures accuracy requirements as well as U.S. Military specifications.