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New Emco Wheaton Overfill Sensor test

Test Emco Wheaton has launched a new overfill sensor which can be used to prevent product overflows of fuel tankers during loading with the highest safety features. Designed with a leading Overfill Prevention Control Device intended for the use in potentially explosive atmospheres of zone 1, it supplies safe energy for the linked overfill sensors; a safety procedure for both workers and the environment.Featuring next generation electronics for maximum reliability and endurance, the F2020 Overfill Sensor uses electronic signals to prevent product overflows of tanker compartments ensuring valuable fluid is not lost. Designed for tankers of up to eight compartments, the system is connected to the controls of the terminal through a plug and socket connection.

When an overfill is detected, the system will override and shut down the terminal pump and metering equipment filling the tanker compartment.Supported by the highest levels of accreditations, the overfill protection system has ISO 9000/2000 approval and is manufactured in compliance with EN13922 and the European ATEX directive.The sensor and related equipment form a vital part of the Emco Wheaton equipment range for the builders and operators of road tankers.  All components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment.Expected to make a major contribution to safety levels during tank refueling, the F2020 Overfill Sensor confirms Emco Wheaton’s position in the market and its ability to provide engineering solutions at an affordable price.

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Introducing the TE550 TRUCK III, the electronic lift-off for your tank truck. Truck III is going to deeply evolve the way flow measurement is performed on your tanker truck. This new electronic register is not just accurate and reliable, but it offers unique features still unmatched by the market. Truck III runs on any kind of metering technologies and it can manage up to 6 product categories and 2 meters. It has fully connectivity through HSDPA, WI-FI, BLUETOOTH, GPS, RS 485 & 232. The graphic interface has been completely redesigned to maximize the user's experience. Big fonts and visual icons help the driver speed up each delivery while preventing expensive misuses. It is extremely user friendly and easy to maintain. Optional features inlcude an inventory management system, bulk/ hose delivery system as well as a product return check.

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